What You Need to Do After Hair Transplantation?

The most important thing after the surgery you need to know and do is maximum attention and care for your grafts. To do that;

First for 48 hours, don’t wash your scalp area
During sleeping, you should be on your back, to do that you can use fly pillows since any touching of your transplanted side to the pillow can cause graft loss.

Between the second day and to 10th day, transplanted hairs will scab, do not try to remove these scabs because it will cause graft loss again. These scabs will drop their self in your 2nd week.

How about the care of the donor side, antibiotic and steroid ointments will be applied twice a day for one week to have optimum wound healing.

So, as you see first 2 weeks is the most important period, in that time you give maximum attention to protecting your grafts, you don t itch them, you don’t touch them, and you do not do any sport. For your comfort, we will be giving you some medications, don’t worry. After that critical period, you can go for your normal life.