What is the hair transplantation surgery?

Hair transplantation surgery is used to restore hair loss. Hair loss can occur for many of reasons such as genetics, emotional factors, vitamin deficiency, or hormonal factors. But the most frequent and unavoidable one is genetic factors. That situation is shown with a high hairline and hair loss, especially in the frontal area. Since the back and sides of the scalp are protected, hair transplantation is employed from the healthy sides. Recently, scientific studies demonstrated that the back and side part of the scalp is not affected by hair loss since genetic factors, and this is because of the receptor differences between the androgenic hormones and hair cells.
That is why, when we transfer the hair follicles from the back and sides to the frontal area works well and is able to treat that health issue.

For other reasons such as mineral and vitamin deficits, hormonal imbalance, or skin disorders, hair loss will be not limited to the frontal view but also will be in the other parts of the scalp.

So, the diagnosis is so important to have a successful treatment of hair loss.

To do that, an examination by an experienced surgeon and needed blood analysis should be employed.