Hair Transplantation Techniques

Although when you search a little bit, doctor google suggests so many vary techniques, in fact there are just 2 technique in hair transplantation.

  • First is FUT (follicular unit transplantation)
  • Second is FUE (follicular unit extraction)
    The other techniques you see in google search, such as safir hair transplantation or DHI (direct hair implantation) or micro motor… etc are not a hair transplantation technique, they are just a way to do one of the four steps of hair transplantation, as channel opening or implantation of the hair follicle.

Ok, lets back to the techniques.
Number 1- and first found, the mother technique is FUT technique, and the application of this technique started more than 50 years ago. Basically, in this technique, a hair strip is removed, separated to the follicles under the microscopic view, and then the follicles are implanted to the area of bald skin after the channels are created. The main disadvantages of this technique is linear scarring in the donor side which is the occipital area.

Number 2 – and currently often frequently used technique is FUE technique, and the application of that technique has started 30 years ago as a standart technique. basically, in this technique, hair follicles are harvested one by one with a micro motor or puncher from the occipital area which is never effected from androgenic alopecia, and then these follicles are implanted to the area of the bald skin by using a forseps or an implanter pen which is much better and less traumatic.
This technique provides high number graft, natural result, fast recovery and minimal scarring. That is why, in our clinic, we used fue technique with utilizing the implanter pen and micro motor technology to make it perfect.