Number of Grafts in Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is the operation of transplanting the hair harvested from the donor area to the bald areas in people with thinning or shedding hair. It is among the most preferred aesthetic operations. People who will have a hair transplant wonder whether the donor area is sufficient for transplantation. We will be answering the following question “How many grafts are required for hair transplantation? in this article.

Graft calculation in hair transplantation is important for the natural appearance of the transplantation and the optimum use of the donor area. Success in hair transplantation is directly related to the graft calculation. Taking the number of grafts that completely cover the hairless area will ensure that the transplantation is natural and the donor area is not damaged much.

What is Graft in Hair Transplantation?

Graft is the name of the structure with one or more hair follicles and some scalp. Although the concept of graft is often used instead of hair follicles, they are actually different concepts. While hair follicle refers to only 1 follicle, the graft may contain more than one hair follicle.

The hair structure of each person is different, so the grafts in each person do not contain the same number of hair follicles. While a normal graft has an average of 2.5 hair follicles, some people may have 3-4 hair follicles in a graft.

How Many Grafts Are Needed in Hair Transplantation?

The number of grafts to be used in hair transplantation is decided by examining the hairless area, existing hair, the age of the person and the hair in the donor area. Because each individual has its own characteristics, the grafts used in hair transplantation differ in each individual.

The number of grafts to be taken is directly proportional to the amount of the hairless area in the transplanted area and the hair density in the donor area. The frequency of transplanted hair is important for a natural look. In the most advanced hair loss cases, 10 thousand-12 thousand grafts can be found between the nape and the ear. Approximately 6 thousand of these grafts can be used.

If both the front and top areas of the hair have been shed, the minimum number of grafts to be transplanted is 5000, but even this number of grafts may not be enough in some cases. The number of grafts needed to close solely the small hairless areas in the temples, sides or forehead is about 1500-2000.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Suleyman TAS recommends transplanting maximum 5000 grafts at one session due to these reasons;

1. Local anesthetic over 7-8 hours might be toxic for the body

2.  Moving too much hair from the donor area may result unnatural results. After physical examination if more than 5000 grafts are needed, another session should be planned to achieve aesthetic goals

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