How Long Does It Take For Hair Transplant Results?

Hair transplantation is the transplantation of hair follicles taken from donor area of ​​the body to the hairless (bald) areas. Hair transplantation recovery is a very long process. In this article we will inform you about one of the most frequently asked questions about hair transplantation which is “How long does it take for hair transplant results?” and/or “When will I see results from my hair transplant?”.

When is the result of hair transplantation seen?

Hair transplantation results differ from person to person. They vary depending on the factors such as age, gender, hair type, hair loss rate of the hair transplant patient.  Planning made with the doctor before the procedure has an important impact on the results as well.

After hair transplantation process between first 2 weeks and 2 months transplanted hairs start falling. It starts to look as if nothing has been done in the areas where it is planted for a while at the end of the hair fall. New hair starts to grow from the roots that are stimulated in about 3 months. Hair that starts to grow from the 3rd month to the 6th month starts to become visible in the 6th month.

From the 6th month until the 1st year, new hair grows and starts to look natural like your own hair. In this process, for your hair to look like your own hair, depends on your doctor’s experience and knowledge. Before your hair transplantation, the roots and growth directions of your hair should be examined and planning should be done accordingly. Thus, the hair that comes out after the procedure will look compatible with your existing hair and take a natural shape.

It takes about 1 year to achieve the desired result in hair transplantation and to have a natural appearance. During this period, it is important to have regular checks and follow your doctor’s recommendations.

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Factors Affecting Hair Transplantation Results

The result of hair transplantation is affected by your age, diet, hormonal balance, skin and hair color, healing time of your wounds, genetic factors, quality of hair grafts, direction of hair growth, environmental factors. In addition to the physical features that differ from person to person, the characteristics of the hair also affect the success of hair transplantation. The characteristics of the hair are the color of the hair and the thickness or the thinness of the hair. The number of hair in each hair follicle is among the factors affecting hair transplantation.

It is very important to follow your doctor’s recommendations and to use your medications and wash your hair regularly in the period after hair transplantation. It will be beneficial not to stay under the sun after the operation and not to be in smoking environments.

Post- operative process contributes to the appearance of the high quality and natural looking hair growth as well as preoperative process of hair transplantation. Staying away from stress in this period will positively affect your process.

We tried to answer the question “How long does it take for hair transplant results?” and/or “When will I see results from my hair transplant?” in this article. You can reach us through our contact numbers for your questions and concerns about hair transplantation.