Hair Transplantation Aftercare

All over the world, thousands of people in a wide range of age groups undergo hair transplantation. Since the transplantation of hair is a surgical procedure, it is only natural that there are aspects to be careful about aftercare period following the surgery. Some extra caution and care can have a significant effect on achieving the best possible result after the procedure.

A long process awaits those who have a hair transplant. It takes about 1 year for the transplanted hair to become natural and complete the healing process. Patients should be psychologically ready for this process and be informed in detail about hair transplantation aftercare by plastic surgeons.

The first week after hair transplantation is the most important time. It is very important to follow the advice given by your plastic surgeon during this period in order to settle the transplanted hair.

1-3 Days

The first 3 days after hair transplantation is a critical process, it is the start of the healing phase . Recommendations;

  • Rest at home.
  • Wear clothes with front buttons.
  • Consume water.
  • Get healthy nutrition after the operation. So the healing phase will be shorter.
  • Sleep on your back. Travel pillows should be placed under the neck. Your head should stand upright for the first 3 days. This will benefit your edema and swelling.
  • Use medicines given by your doctor regularly.
  • Keep dry hair transplantation areas. You can wash your neck down while taking a shower.
4-9 Days

You may start washing your hair. The first wash should be done at the clinic. Your doctor will give you information on how to wash. Recommendations;

  • Use a shampoo recommended by your doctor. Apply it gently.
  • Start washing your hair at least once a day for 15 days.
  • Protect your head from traumas and scratches.
  • Use regularly your medication.
  • Dont touch dry skins or scabs. They will go away.
10-14 Days

Scabs will start to go away. Recommendations;

  • Pay attention to your diet.
  • Do not scratch and rub the transplanted areas.
  • Use vitamin medications recommended by your doctor.
  •  Switch to your normal washing order.
  • Stay away from activities that require sweating.
3-6 Months

The hair follicles begin to grow normally. The hair follicles that come out after this period may have a curly appearance in the first place, but at the end of the 1st year they will take your own hairstyle. Recommendations;

  • Don’t forget your check-up appointments.
10 Months

The patchy look will start to end and the patient will have more natural looking hair. Recommendations;

  • Trim your hair to attain even looking hair.
12 Months

It is the final check-up phase after hair transplantation. Your hairline and density of your hair can be checked by your plastic surgeon. Recommendations;

  • Evulate the final natural looking with your plastic surgeon.

In this process, good communication with the hair clinic will help you have a good experience.