Hair Prp

Hair PRP?

Hair PRP, Platelet-Rich Plasma, is a non-surgical treatment for weakened and thinned hairs. It is a procedure of injection of a special mixture, that was obtained from patient’s own blood by specially treating and separating white blood cells and platelets, to area of thinned, weakened or lost hair.

“With PRP treatment, it is possible to heal some diseases in the body and rejuvenate the skin with patient’s own blood. In PRP treatment where the person’s own blood is used instead of the drug, slowing cell regeneration is prevented, especially with environmental and genetic factors. PRP treatment is commonly used for hair loss.

Hair PRP application takes 30 minutes. After Hair PRP, patient may retun back to social life immediately. Patients will notice gradual improvement 2-3 weeks after Hair PRP.”

Procedure is performed once in thirty days. The maintenance therapy is performed once a year, thereafter.
Advantages of Hair PRP
– Long lasting
– Revitalizes and restructures the skin in a natural way
– Easy and safe to apply
– It supports not only the formation of new collagen, but also all vital functions of the skin
– It removes wrinkles and lines by “rejuvenating”, not “filling” the skin

Luxury Hair Transplant

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VIP Transportation

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