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Female Hair Transplant in Turkey

It seems like you are having difficulty and distress in going to family gatherings, parties, and public spaces due to intense hair fall and are ashamed of having this med issue but don’t worry, in this modern era of technology, we have a solution for you. Like men, we also do Women’s Hair transplants with the latest technology and machinery.


A hair transplant may be your option to avoid anxiety, hair loss, and traumatophobia.
Our team of doctors researched that one out of five women is going through this disease because of several reasons, but some of them are because of hormonal changes after menopause and severe aging illnesses. However, some women decide to go with dermatologist strategies, yet they are not specialized in women’s hair loss and might not be able to provide all the information you need.

Women Hair Transplant

Here are some justifications for why women are having this issue

  • Family history
  • Medications
  • Supplements
  • Radiation therapy
  • Lupus
  • Over styling
  • Having a stressful phase in life


Hair transplant for women works in the same way as for men.
The following techniques are used in hair transplant

  • FUE Hair Transplant
  • DHI Hair Transplant

For more information READ our detailed article on these 2 techniques.

Female hair transplant in turkey

What makes Tas Hair Clinic your top choice for female hair transplants?

You should give your hair the greatest care possible. Even when you have hair transplanted, it should look natural and not out of place with the rest of your hair.

At Tas Hair clinic, we guarantee amazing results that guarantee your hair will grow in a natural way and more. Leading hair transplant facility in Turkey, Tas Clinic takes pride in using cutting-edge technology and providing satisfied clients.

Here are a few reasons to pick Tas Hair clinic if you’re considering a hair transplant for females

  • Our Doctors have huge experience under the supervision of Assoc. Prof Dr. Suleyman Tas
  • We use Top notch medical equipment
  • English speaking Doctors and attendees
  • Our VIP attention and very reasonable prices come with our hair transplant services for females.
  • Very high success rate and great reviews
  • Free Consultation with our experienced medical consultant before the transplant

Best Hair Transplant for men and women in Turkey

Why Turkey?

Yes, it is safely secure and easy to travel to turkey for a hair transplant as turkey is also a tourist’s first choice. With old historical and cultural values, turkey also has the modern era of life while in medical and surgery its first choice of EU, USA UK CANADA & AUS because of its lower cost of living. This means hair transplants and surgeries are also more affordable. In fact, Turkey has become the center of surgeries and hair restoration treatments and hosts many professional surgeons who boost their excellent reputation in one way or another.

It’s better now to schedule an appointment with a women’s hair restoration specialist.

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