Best Time for Hair Transplantation

When people want to have a hair transplant, first they make decision and choose a plastic surgeon. The next question comes to mind is “When is the best time for hair transplantation?”. Several factors can be itemized for hair transplantation time. It is necessary to evaluate the Hair Loss Level , Age, Season and Social Plans. We would like to inform you about these factors.

A. The Importance of Hair Loss Level in Hair Transplant

Hair loss level is a very effective factor for hair transplantation. The level of hair loss should be reached to a certain point, it must be completed. Continued hair loss, consequently the completion of hair loss means continuing your hair loss after hair transplantation as well. The probability of transplanted hairs’ loss is lower than the probability of existing hair loss as the existing hair loss process is not completed. In such a situation, it may cause an unwanted appearance by the loss of the existing hair around the transplanted hair. Completing the level of hair loss by 60% is a suitable period for hair transplantation.

B. The Importance of Age in Hair Transplant

The question of when is the best time for hair transplantation is in mind of people who are considering hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is not recommended for people under the age of 20. Because hair loss can occur in people under the age of 20 due to the hormone of puberty. Since hair loss may continue after hair transplantation, the process of hair loss is desired to be completed. Hair loss process stops in men when they are about 30 years old. It is recommended to complete the 30’s age for hair transplantation.

C. The Importance of the Season in Hair Transplant

After completing the other conditions, the question of “which season should I have hair transplantation?” arises. It is undesirable to be extremely hot or extremely cold after hair transplantation. In summer, there will be sweating and itching sensation in extreme temperatures. After hair transplantation, it is necessary not to scratch the areas where it is transplanted. With the current technology and techniques, patients can have hair transplantation in all seasons.

Hair Transplantation Aftercare

D. Plans in Your Social Life

Besides all these, it is necessary to plan your social life. For Hair Transplantation process, patients should save 7 quality days. After 7 days, patient can get back to normal life. But please note that the recovery process takes 1 year to be completed and the final look will be attained after this period. During this period, setting rigt expectations will ensure more comfortable time for the patient.

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